Dance Physiotherapy

The dance physiotherapists at Performance Medicine have both extensive

experience and a passion for dance. As well as the Performing Arts industry.

We look after every and any style of dance you can think of including ballet,

contemporary, hip hop, ballroom and the list goes on!


There can be many different reasons to see a dance physio.

Injury being the most common, however learning about your body

before you become injured is important. Knowledge is power.


Prevention is better than a cure.


At Performance Medicine we understand that the show must go on!

Which is why we actively encourage all dancers and performers to come and work with us whilst training for their shows and performances.


Our team at Performance Medicine have worked within the industry for over a decade and there is not much we don’t know. We directly communicate with dance teachers or staging teams to optimise a safe environment for dancers and performers.


All of our therapists have experience working with dance students. We present workshops about injury prevention, performance optimisation, and regularly work with dance schools, clubs and individuals of all stages in their career. Our therapists will provide you with a thorough assessment and individualised treatment program and most importantly an injury prevention program.


With many years of experience working with professional shows in Australia and supporting companies and producers, we understand the legislative requirements and nuances within the Australian marketplace. We team up to work closely with dancers, teachers, choreographers, company managers and producers. Looking at every element to ensure that performers are given the best conditions to deliver the performance of a lifetime. Including costumes, footwear, stage position and more to minimise the risk of injury.

This is combined with injury prevention programs and performance protocol that supports dancers and performers.


We invite all dancers, whether you’re a dance enthusiasts or a professional performer.

Get in touch and visit us in the clinic for a detailed assessment and/or a postural assessment to create a bespoke program for you.

  • Dance Physio Assessment Program
  • Tertiary Dance Screening
  • Dance & Ballet Conditioning Classes
  • Pre-Pointe Profile
  • Pointe Shoe Review
  • Pre-Pointe Program
  • Real Time Ultrasound Assessment & Retraining


If you would like to BOOK a Physiotherapy Appointment* to have a

Dance Assessment either In Person or online via Telehealth

Simply book using our Online Booking or Contact Us.


*If you have a few different things that you would like to discuss we recommend a Long Appointment.

* If you would like a Tertiary Assessment please call us on (03) 9686 2373

Team members who can help with this

Letitia Reus


Elissa Petesic


Cecilia Mizzi APAM


Karen Mooibroek

Titled Physiotherapist

Maria Anagnostou

Titled Physiotherapist

Zeba Haroon


Chris Minto

Senior Physiotherapist

Meagan Carrington APAM


Polly Dhar APAM

Senior Physiotherapist

Nicole Reynolds APAM


Karina Chilman APAM


Dr Kathy Yu M.B.B.S.

Sports Doctor

Stacey Kipouridis APAM


Catherine Etty-Leal MACP

Titled Physiotherapist

Michael Freeman APAM

Titled Physiotherapist

Annie Strauch MACP

Titled Physiotherapist



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