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What is Pelvic Health physiotherapy?

A pelvic health physiotherapist is a clinician that addresses concerns around the functions of your pelvic organs. This can include your bladder, bowel and reproductive organs. They also focus on antenatal and postnatal care in all aspects of changes that may occur. 

You may find difficulties with incontinence, sexual function, breath control or pain in these areas. 

Your pelvic floor physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the contributing factors to your symptoms. This may include an internal examination which can be discussed with your clinician if necessary. 

We understand that this area may be difficult to discuss with anyone about. We at Performance Medicine understand that this is an important part of the body and want you to feel as comfortable as possible to feel empowered about this area. 

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What is Pelvic Health?

Pelvic health addresses any concerns around the pelvic organs including your bladder, bowel and reproductive organs.
A sling, called your pelvic floor, sits in the base of your pelvis like a hammock and supports your pelvic organs. Your pelvic floor is a muscular and ligamentous system that is very important in controlling the necks around your bladder and bowel to prevent leakage/incontinence. 

Pelvic health can range from addressing incontinence, intimacy pain, tailbone pain, pregnancy/postnatal concerns and general check ups of these areas.

Pelvic health, and the topics surrounding it, can often not be spoken about (or avoided) or some people may be nervous to talk about it. At Performance Medicine, pelvic health is not taboo and we hope that you can feel as comfortable as you can to express your concerns in all areas. So you may notice our practitioners asking you some questions relating to this on your assessments.  This is because your pelvic health is integral in all aspects of your body and can be related to lumbar issues, pelvic pain, respiratory and voice issues. 

We do this as a prompt so that you remember that this area of the body is important.  If there are any concerns, we can refer you to our expert Pelvic Health physiotherapist, Zeba, who has additional training for pelvic health. Click here to book now with Zeba! 

If you would like to read more on what pelvic health is and what it entails head over to our blogs.





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