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Picture To Performance

We understand today’s performer like no one else!
We know the work begins well before stepping out on stage and what it takes to hit the heights in your chosen field!
At Performance Medicine, we are a collective of expert and experienced performance medical practitioners. Creating a unique accepting enviornment for performers of all abilities to rejuvenate and re-energise their greatness.

From professional dancers and athletes, to backstage crew.
Muscle treatment, voice therapy to mental wellness coaching.
We bring a holistic approach to healing and re-energising your greatness! For the performer within.

Thank you for trusting us with your health.

Let’s take action!

Our Story

Performance Medicine is the Australian pioneer and is at the forefront of vocal physiotherapy in Melbourne and Australia. It all began back in the mid 2000's when our founder was working backstage in London on all West End shows. Supporting the leading Performing artists with their singing and a breakthrough approach of physiotherapy for vocal support. Annie and team collaborated with Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialists, speech pathologists, Doctors, surgeons and vocal coaches to achieve incredible results for patients.

Today performance medicine continues this collaborate approach with international and national experts to develop the most effective treatment program incorporating methods for challenging voice and vocal related problems. The team and business is now celebrating ten years in business boasting a multidisciplinary skills and a group of internationally experienced Physiotherapists, Doctors and Myotherapists with over 80 years combined experience in the performing arts and sporting arenas.

We distinguish ourselves by being a leading rehabilitation and treatment centre catering to the full spectrum within the performing arts industry. We boast national and international experience on some of the biggest productions including; Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon and Chicago (to name a few). We are the resident physiotherapists for the Melbourne Theatre Company, national production houses, dance and circus schools. We work with schools, teachers, production teams and companies from grassroots through to the biggest names and top talent nationally and internationally on the biggest shows in the world.


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Once you friend has attended we will send you a $10 voucher off your next service at Performance Medicine!

Performance Medicine Core Values

Owning It

Thank you for trusting us
Thank you for trusting us with your health.
Let’s take action.

Creative Solutions

We think outside the box
Sometimes life isn’t simple. We think creatively and collaborate with the best in the business to help you find your exceptional.

We Celebrate Diversity

You are you
We understand you are unique, just like your circumstances. We welcome you, we love you and support you.

We Get It

This is about you, always.
We see you as a whole human. We promise to be humble, listen & really hear you. Your goals are our goals.

Together We Are Better

We genuinely about our community
This means you, our team, our industry, let’s make each other better.


Clinical Excellence

Pioneering performing arts healthcare
Our team has international expertise, are evidence based & are shining the way in performing arts’ medicine




We are so excited to bring you our Dance Conditioning Classes!

Which are designed specifically for young dancers. Created by Dance Physiotherapists & Dancers,so that you can be a happy & strong dancer with a promising career.


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