Production Crew Physiotherapy

At Performance Medicine we understand that without the

backstage production crew the show simply doesn’t happen!


With many years of experience working with production crews our Physiotherapists can support your whole team!


Backstage crew, stage management, props, lighting, sound, mechanists, wiggies, wardrobe and the box office team are all essential and valued members of the show.

Looking after you is important too.

We understand that each aspect is different and requires a unique outlook. In addition our team have extensive knowledge about rigs, heavy costumes and awkward props and that these can bring their own set of challenges.


Our team at Performance Medicine can make sure that the little niggle that you’ve been feeling doesn’t get any worse!


If you need a Physiotherapy treatment or potentially

Myotherapy or Remedial Massage we can look after you!


To BOOK either In Person or online via Telehealth

Simply book using our Online Booking or Contact Us.


Team members who can help with this

Meagan Carrington


Polly Dhar APAM


Nicole Reynolds APAM


Karina Chilman APAM


Stacey Kipouridis APAM


Catherine Etty-Leal MACP

Titled Physiotherapist

Andrew Pilcher APAM

Senior Physiotherapist

Annie Strauch MACP

Physiotherapist, Director



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