Ergonomics & Corporate Health

We know that as we move into a more virtual, online working environment

the needs of corporate workers and teachers are changing.  Not only do you

need to be tech savvy but you also need to be able to sustain long periods of

consulting and teaching from a computer.


This is not always easy.


At Performance Medicine, we have seen an increase in headaches, back and neck pain as well as more voice issues and throat pain. These are commonly related to working from home in a sub-optimal set up and voice overuse from online platforms and video conferencing.

Learning how to optimise your work from home workstation to minimise headaches, back, and neck pain, and voice issues is essential for your productivity.


Check out our blog for some work from home tips.


Work from Home Webinar


We are now offering work from home webinars for you and your team!

Providing a practical and interactive online conference where you can learn how to set up your working from home environment.


  • Chair and Desk
  • Cameras and microphones


We will provide you with postural tips and strategies so that you can sustain a full day of working or teaching during this time.


For BOOKINGS to help your organisation and individual assessments

Please Contact Us & we will arrange a consult with one of our

expert Physiotherapists.


Virtual Corporate Fitness Program


Can’t get out to the gym?  No longer seeing your team at the office?


At Performance Medicine are offering the opportunity to build a custom program for your team to come together online and look after their health, well being and social connection.


More information about what we offer HERE!


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Treatments


Don’t let tension from sustained positions in front of a computer build up. Address your nagging neck and back pain before it becomes a bigger issue!

Book in with one of our expert Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists.


If you would like to BOOK a Physiotherapy Appointment

Either In Person or online via Telehealth

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Clinical Conditioning & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Team members who can help with this

Stacey Kipouridis APAM


Catherine Etty-Leal APAM

Titled Physiotherapist

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Senior Physiotherapist

Annie Strauch APAM

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