Emily McLean (she/her)

Physiotherapist - B.Physio Adv. (Hons), Masters of Sport Physio

Emily (she/her) has worked as a physiotherapist in private practice and team sport for over eight years. Her passion for sports physiotherapy and injury prevention was cultivated by her own injuries as a junior track and field athlete. Now, she draws from her breadth of experience as a physio, running coach and athlete to solve complex injury presentation, to form evidence based, creative solutions for the athlete or dancer.

Emily graduated from Monash in 2015 with honours, is a published author, and in 2023 received her Sports Masters from La Trobe University. Emily is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of physiotherapists and teaches masters level clinical skills workshops at La Trobe University.

Emily has been fortunate enough to work for both state and national level athletics and netball. During which, she has been exposed to a variety of sporting injuries. These experiences have developed her clinical areas of interest which include the hip, foot and ankle, as well as overuse injuries. Her fascination with the foot and ankle, as well as her clinical training at the Royal Ballet, London, has fostered her passion for working with dance and the performing arts.

Outside of physiotherapy you will likely find Emily running laps around a track or eating seafood pasta.


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