Clinical Conditioning


At Performance Medicine we know that exercise is medicine. 

This is why we have created Clinical Conditioning classes that

use functional strength training and the principles of Pilates

to help you find your inner strength.


What is Clinical Conditioning?


Delivered by qualified physiotherapists, Clinical Conditioning finds its origins in traditional Pilates combined with the diagnostic science of Physiotherapy. Our programs draw on a combination of matwork and equipment-based pilates in our custom built studio. Equipped with reformers, trapeze table, thoracic barrel and balance equipment. We have the facilities to help you reach your goals through our various classes.

Research has shown that clinical conditioning is an effective way to improve the control and strength of the major joints in the body. It is an excellent injury rehabilitation tool. As well as a fun and effective way to enhance the body’s deep postural muscle strength and maintain fitness.


If you have a group of three or four friends who would like to participate in Clinical Conditioning classes we can arrange your own dedicated class time. Please call our client experience team to arrange a class time to suit you and your friends!


The Clinical Conditioning classes are designed for those:

  • Currently experiencing an injury
  • Experiencing a recurring injury or have a complex history
  • Post surgical patients
  • Who require increased supervision
  • Completing rehabilitation and ensure injury prevention programs


To tailor your program, ensure safety and that you are achieving your goals, your therapist will conduct an initial profile.

  • Initial Conditioning Profile – this will include a full body assessment, discussion about your goals and the use of real time ultrasound (if appropriate for you).

Your assessing therapist may advise you to commence a series of 1:1 sessions prior to a group class to ensure you complete your foundations solidly.

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Clinical Conditioning & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Team members who can help with this

Rhea Torres (she/her)

Physiotherapist - DPT. BNSc. BSc.

Annie Strauch (she/her)

Managing Director - Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Nino La Scala

Titled Physiotherapist

Elise McMahon (she/her)


Letitia Reus (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Elissa Petesic (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Emily McLean (she/her)

Physiotherapist - B.Physio Adv. (Hons), Masters of Sport Physio

Stephanie Zamoyski (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist - B..HthSci & M.Phty

Maria Anagnostou (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Zeba Haroon (she/her)


Chris Minto (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist

Polly Dhar (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist - APAM

Nicole Reynolds (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist - APAM

Stacey Kipouridis (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Catherine Etty-Leal (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Annie Strauch (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP