Three tips To Prevent Low Back Pain ‘Exercise is medicine’

Current research suggests that approximately 80% of people will experience low back pain at some stage in their life. This is something that can be readily treated by a Physiotherapist, however, here are some background tips to help avoid this happening to you.

  1. Keep Active: Participating in routine aerobic exercise promotes a healthy, strong spine as well as the release of endorphins: which are your ‘happy chemicals’ that lift you and give you that ‘post exercise buzz’. 
  1. Keep Strong: The core muscles act as a corset around your spine to provide stability and prevent injury. There is evidence to show that working these deep stabilising muscles is incredibly important and can make all the difference when preventing and reducing low back pain. 
  1. Keep mobile:  The spine thrives on movement. Prolonged positions, such as sitting with poor posture, can cause spinal structures to get tight and stiff. Keeping mobile by standing from your desk every hour, monitoring your posture and keeping moving can avoid this from happening. 

Are you struggling with back pain? At Performance Medicine we offer clinical conditioning classes.

Clinical Conditioning

These are 45 minute Physiotherapy led sessions with no more than four people. The classes allow you to follow a structured exercise program that has been individualised to you and your goals.

Book in for an assessment and we can create a program designed specifically to help you, Remember, exercise is medicine!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sophie Christmas

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