Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine and massage that focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. Performed through soft tissue techniques Myotherapy can decrease pain and restore muscular balance, strength and flexibility. These treatments can also help in prevention, early intervention and treatment of injuries and pain. As well as assist with the ongoing management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


Our team of myotherapists have a wide range of experience. Especially with artists, performers and athletes enabling them to tailor treatments specifically for you. With the knowledge that your body is unique and the way you use it each and everyday is exceptional.


Confusion between remedial massage therapy and Myotherapy is understandable given that both treat a range of non-specific soft tissue pain and ailments.

The primary distinction between the two is the fact that myotherapists use a broader range of massage techniques.

And have Telehealth Roll and Release appointments available too!


What is a Roll and Release Appointment? 

During a a roll and release appointment one of our therapists will guide you at home, through a personalised session. Addressing your body and it’s needs! Tailoring the appointment and targeting any tensions or issues that you have been having in this new landscape. You will be walked through techniques with foam rollers, spike balls, rolled up towels or a skillfully placed elbow.

At Performance Medicine we really do mean it when we say #wegetit. These are trying times and we won’t just leave you to your four walls.


If you would like to BOOK  Myotherapy or Telehealth Roll and Release

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Team members who can help with this

Luca Negri (he/him)


Hayley Montgomery (she/her)

Remedial Massage/Myotherapist