Staying Motivated During Lockdown

This has been a challenging year to say the least.

We have all been pushed to our limits and had to constantly adapt our expectations and goals. 

With all the uncertainty, we can sometimes get overwhelmed with all the changes and find it difficult to stay motivated. Whether it be finding the motivation to continue working from home, or motivating yourself to keep fit and active.

Let me share some tips that I have found useful to keep my mind and body motivated and stay on track during lockdown.

Following routine

Keeping routine can be different for everyone. Whether it is waking up at the same time every day, or like me, making sure I switch off all electronic devices and put them out of reach  15minutes before going to sleep.  Our brains like routine and structure! With such a big change in our school and work routine since lockdown, our brains can sometimes find it difficult to stay on track. So find something that works for you and start to implement a routine to follow. 

Taking time for myself 

I have personally found COVID-19 a challenging time as I have been constantly worrying about work, how my patients are feeling, and how my friends and family are coping, that I sometimes forget about myself. Over the last few weeks, I have been making more of an effort to take some time out of my day to focus on me. Whether it be going for a walk around the block or listening to a guided meditation, I find having time alone helps me clear my head and relax.  

Eating nutritious food

I love food!

I love the whole process of buying ingredients, chopping and prepping food and adding spices to enhance flavour. It’s so rewarding sitting down after all that work and enjoying a good plate of food. I have enjoyed taking my time to cook hearty, nutritious food, that usually I might not have time for. Not only is this a great use of my spare time on weekends, but I am fuelling my body with healthy food options, that I didn’t always make time for. So if you’re also a food lover, take some time to learn a new recipe or perfect a family favourite and enjoy the little things. 

Getting adequate sleep

Sleep is so important for our bodies and minds to unwind and recharge. During this crazy year, I often find it difficult to switch my mind off and get a good night’s sleep. I have found it helpful and easier to sleep when I don’t use any electronic devices an hour before I sleep. I have recently been following a guided meditation right before I sleep as well, and then spraying my pillow with an amazing scented night spray which sends me to sleep right away!

The night spray I have been using in called ‘& now to sleep pillow spray’ – you can find it on Mecca at the link here.

While all the above has been helpful for me, there is no set formula with dealing and managing our emotions during lockdown. Keep taking one day at a time and do what feels best for you.  Stay  in contact with those closest to you and make sure you are all supporting each other.

We will get through this, the Performance Medicine Team is here to help you in any way we can. Please reach out to us if you need anything. Look after yourselves. 

Lots of love, Performance Medicine x