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8 Apr

Working from home? We’ve got your back!

Working from home? We’ve got your back! Here’s why setting up your workstation correctly is worth it! Many of you have found yourself working from home and by now you may have started to realise that this situation will be ongoing and that perhaps working at the kitchen bench or on the couch may not […]

28 Mar

Online Classes Launch!

Online fitness classes at Performance Medicine. Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga, Inner Strength, Functional Strength & Barre.

25 Mar

Roller To The Rescue

Hi Quarantine, meet my friend Foam Roller We all are aware that the world is quickly becoming a strange place. We are going batty from not seeing our friends, we are quickly running out of new Netflix series, and information is being updated daily on what we can and can’t do and where we can […]

25 Mar

NEW! Virtual Fitness & Wellbeing

NEW! Virtual Fitness & Wellbeing

20 Mar

Introducing Digital Physiotherapy Appointments- Telehealth

For those of you who may be feeling unwell, nervous to come in or find yourself in quarantine or self isolation during this time, we are now offering Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointments from the comfort of home. These appointments are available with your favourite therapist on your smart phone or device and we can assess, diagnose, educate and help you complete self treatment during these sessions just like we do in a face to face session.

21 Dec


WELCOME THE NEW PERFORMANCE MEDICINE. You may have noticed a couple changes! Over the past few months, we have been undergoing a branding re-fresh, renovating and moving to a new, bigger and better home! We are excited to share with you our new branding look including our logo and invite you to check out our […]

4 Nov

SWOT VAC or Sore Back

Exam season is upon us, which means summer holidays are not far away! But when it’s time to hit the books, we often let our regular exercise routine wane in the month of November. Did you know that sitting puts the highest amount of load through your back and neck compared to any other position? […]

18 Oct

Boom Bust Blog // Physiotherapist Madeleine Hicks

Are You A Boom-Buster? What is your relationship with pain? Is it a healthy one? Do you respect each other? Or do you try and ignore pain even when it is screaming at you to listen?  …You may be a boom buster. A boom buster is usually strong and determined, hardworking, often equipped with a […]

2 Oct

Spinal Health for the Modern Lifestyle // Physiotherapist Madeleine Hicks

Spinal Health for the Modern Lifestyle  By Maddie Hicks Deskbound? Headaches? Back stiffness? Most of us are aware we spend more of the day sitting than we should. It can be challenging, to say the least, to keep moving around during the day when you have work demands and tasks to get done, then you […]

24 Aug

As Simple as Breathing // Senior Physiotherapist Andrew Pilcher

It’s As Simple as Breathing A look at breathing and how it effects our movement- by Senior Physiotherapist Andrew Pilcher Many would experience ‘breathing well‘, as a very complicated thing. It is of course automatic, but can be the source of so much muscle imbalance. If you just think of your breath, what’s happening right […]

12 Aug

A Balancing Act // Titled Physiotherapist Catherine Etty-Leal

A Balancing Act… Life in this day and age can be busy…really busy! Between work, family, social life and all the other things we try and cram into our lives, it can feel like we’re trying to balance 100 things or more all at once. And then you pay a visit to your physio to […]

4 Jun

Keeping Warm at Competitions // Dance Physiotherapist Haydee Ferguson

Keeping Warm at Competitions  Now that winter has definitely set in, it’s important to remember to keep your body warm whilst at competitions! Leotards, tights, and tutu’s are not the warmest of costumes and we all know that dancing cold is not the way to dance at your best. Often competitions are held at community […]

9 May

Posterior Impingement

Posterior Impingement By Dance & Vocal Physiotherapist Maddie Hicks Pain on rise and en pointe? Discomfort in plie? Tender and puffy behind the ankle? Pain that’s slowly increasing Morning stiffness in the back of the ankle If your answer to all these is yes, then you might have posterior impingement While common in the dance […]

9 Mar

DANCER’S HIP PAIN: Why surgery isn’t a silver bullet

Dancer’s Hip Pain – Why surgery is not a silver bullet For all those dancers out there, hip pinching, grabbing and pain can be your biggest barrier when you are in class or rehearsals, or, when you are trying to do a retire, développé or grande battement (or anything for that matter!).   Naturally, when […]

4 Mar


THE HISTORY OF THE POINTE SHOE Ballet has constantly evolved we see this in the quintessential symbol of ballet – the pointe shoe. From heels, to darned slippers to the block shoe of today, ballet shoes have changed significantly over the centuries. Let’s get to the point-e Courtly Dance – In Heels! Ballet found its […]

15 Feb

The Elusive Turnout

The Elusive Turn Out   What is it? How do I get it? Can I improve it? As a young dancer, I was guilty of forcing my turn out despite great teachers because as dancers, when do we ever feel we’ve perfected something?! I was always striving for more, better, further and higher. However, when […]

24 Jan


Beat the Heat  How to Keep to your Exercise Regime I love summer. In the cold of winter, while I hunt for any sun patches, I dream of a blissful life lived in the summer sun. Then it arrives and I remember the realities of a Victorian summer. Blistering heat, hairdryer winds and the need […]

16 Jan

Rehab- How to be better, fitter, and stronger after injury

How to be better, fitter, and stronger after injury Injuries aren’t always avoidable, yet despite their prevalence it can still be a scary, confusing, and confronting time for a lot of dancers, singers and performers. Especially if it’s an injury requiring a duration of time away from work or the thing you love. The best […]

10 Jan


TEXT NECK As we become more dependent on technology in the 21st century, new sustained postural positions are created causing imbalances in our muscles. “Text Neck” is an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury to the neck caused by holding your head in a forward and downward position for extended periods of time. When holding […]

4 Jan

Fear of Injury

Fear of Injury Written by: Haydee Ferguson, Physiotherapist When you ask a performer what their biggest fear is – many will say it is the fear of getting injured. However, it is important to remember that your performing life is not necessarily over because of an injury. In fact, an injury can turn out to […]