Vocal Physical Therapy Courses 2024

The Vocal Physical Therapy courses are back for 2024!

Do you have patients who lose their voice, complain of throat pain, or have swallowing issues?

Do you understand the relationship between the larynx, neck and TMJ and how this can impact the voice and throat?

Are any of your patients singers who are reporting vocal fatigue or discomfort?

Discover how Vocal Physical Therapy can assist you to assess and manage laryngeal dysfunction – the missing link.

Comprising of three modules taught over two weekends, these practical courses enable you to treat the musculoskeletal aspects of throat pain, voice dysfunction and tune up the performance voice.

Module 1: Foundations of Voice

Module 2: The Challenging Larynx (pathological voice and throat pain)

Module 3: The Performance Voice

Module 1 is conducted over two days.

Module 2 & 3 are conducted over two days together. To attend M2 & M3 the M1 course is a pre-requisite.

Course Objectives

Objectives Module 1: Foundations of Voice

Objectives Module 2 & 3: The Challenging Larynx; The Performance Voice

You will receive the following resources:

  • Pre reading
  • Full printed manual
  • 60 minute online workshop at week six
  • Online access to all modules including
    • Theory / anatomy
    • Practical handling
    • All digital resources
  • Certificate of Completion

This year courses are being held in Perth, Melbourne, Milwaukee (USA).



Module 1: Sat 16 & Sun 17 March

Module 2 & 3: Sat 7 & Sun 8 Sept


Module 1: Sat 4 & Sun 5 May

Module 2 & 3: Sat 26th & 27th October


Module 1, 2, 3: 11th-14th July 

To register

Melbourne Registration information

Perth Registration information

Milwaukee Registration page

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I book all three modules?

Yes! Absolutely. Module 1 provides you wtih the foundations so that you can start treating Muscle Tension Dysphonia and musculoskeletal voice/throat discomfort immediately. Module 2 & 3 layer in additional in depth techniques exploring the role of intraoral techniques. By the end of the four days, you will have practical and clinically applicable tools. You will also save over $400 by booking the early bird bundle 🙂

I am a Speech Pathologist or Vocal coach, may I attend?

This course is specifically designed for manual therapists who have access to therapy tables and some experience in treating the neck and jaw. We have a course specifically designed for Speech Pathologists, email us if you are interested.

What should I wear?

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing or a singlet (spaghetti straps) so that we can assess your neck and upper quadrant.

If you would like further assistance for registration or booking please get in touch with our client team on 03 9686 2373.

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