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At Performance Medicine, we get it. We know that every performer is an amazing and complex mechanism, where every problem is different and every solution is a thing of bespoke attention and care. From stage to backstage to behind the backstage, from professional dancers and singers, to amateur dramatics, we see the bigger picture to performance.


What Sets Us Apart

We define ourselves through experience and the unique 360 environment we create, we provide the environment for clients to work with the leading performance medical practitioners in their field in a safe and familiar space of recovery and rejuvenation. We distinguish ourselves by understanding and treating the full spectrum of today’s performer, from body conditioning, muscle matter, to mind. And our holistic, three-sixty approach is re-shaping performance culture nationally and internationally. Whether we are tailoring a programme for a West End star on a hit show, or delivering a monthly workshop to the lighting crew on best practice, we always strive to improve industry standards and elevate personal performance back to excellence.




Running Injuries

Achilles tendinopathy Plantar fasciopathy Medial tibial stress syndrome/Shin splints Patellofemoral knee joint pain Hamstring tendinopathy BOOK IN WITH A RUNNING [...]

Dance Injuries

At Performance medicine we are experts in dance physiotherapy at are at the forefront of the performing arts industry. You’re [...]

Neck Pain

Neck pains can sometimes be sudden and if not treated on time can cause long- term discomfort. At performance medicine [...]

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) is a ball and socket joint with a large ball (humeral head) and a shallow [...]

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Soccer and FIFA 11+

Pre-season training is well under way and fields across the country are about to get busy on weeknights and weekends, with the winter season kicking off. However, there are some important principles when returning to training, to ensure we do it safely and avoid injuries. Soccer (or Football) is the most popular sport in the […]

Vocal Support

Trans Health and Vocal Physiotherapy

Your voice is made up of so many facets to make it sound like you.  You may never have considered the importance of pitch, quality, resonance, articulation and prosody. If you are transgender, transitioning or wanting to alter the way you sound, you may be thinking about your voice A LOT. There are anatomical variations […]

Vocal Physiotherapy

Power-Source-Filter, Your Body & Your Voice

For those of you that know us at Performance Medicine, you will probably be aware that we work in a way that integrates your voice, your breath and your body.   For those of you who are less familiar with us – we work with your voice and breathing in a myofascial and movement paradigm.  What […]


Flipping Safely: A guide to limiting injury during Adult Gymnastics.

In recent years adult gymnastics has gained a lot of traction and limelight due to its impact on physical and mental wellbeing. Not only does it combine athleticism, but it allows artistic expression. Tired of not feeling motivated at a conventional gym? Excited by the thought of being upside down or walking on your hands?   […]


Hydration & Remedial Massage

Ever wondered why your therapist always ends with “Make sure you drink lots of water!” ? Maintaining adequate fluid levels in the body offers several benefits for both the client and the massage therapist. Here are some key advantages: Remember – staying hydrated before and after your massage will help maximize the therapeutic benefits and […]


Vocal Physical Therapy Courses 2024

Vocal Physical Therapy Courses 2024. For Physiotherapists, Osteopaths & Chiropractors. Learn how to manage the larynx - the missing link.



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Pilates for Dancers

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