Throat Pain

  • Globus Pharyngeus
  • Irritable Larynx Syndrome

Globus Pharyngeus

Globus pharyngeus is the term for a “lump in the throat sensation”. You may experience a variety of sensations such as a “lump”, “stick in the throat”, “swollen” or something “stuck in the throat. The cause of globus may be an incident, such as illness or swallowing something uncomfortable, stress or muscle tension.

Physiotherapy treatment specifically treats the muscular and myofascial cause of the sensation to give you relief. Postural retraining and a tissue mobilising program is prescribed so that you can manage and treat the cause of the issue.

Irritable Larynx Syndrome (ILS)

Irritable Larynx Syndrome is when your larynx becomes hypersensitive to the environment around it. This can include hypersensitivity to air temperature (cold air), odours, perfumes, pollens and spicy foods. You may experience the need to clear your throat frequently, cough (sometimes uncontrollably), and feel like there is something in your throat. You may have associated voice symptoms including hoarseness, huskiness and fatigue.

Physiotherapy treatment focuses on the musculoskeletal components that may be contributing or a consequence of tension surrounding the larynx. This treatment may include myofascial release of the structures around the larynx, head, neck and thoracic spine.


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