Musculoskeletal & Injury Triage & Treatment Clinic

What is a Triage Clinic?

Have you injured yourself? Is your neck playing up? Have you hurt your back? Did you roll your ankle?

Rather than go to the emergency department or GP and potentially load up these medical avenues at this time, Performance Medicine is here and able to help unload the hospital system.

Here’s how it works

ONE: You can present to Performance Medicine in person or via Telehealth. Call ahead to book in a time (or jump online to book with one of our physiotherapists).

TWO: We will assess your injury, organise a management plan and if needed, refer on to the appropriate medico or scanning options.

THREE: Your assessment will involve assessing your symptoms, nature of the pain or injury, and use clinical tests to ascertain a working diagnosis. 

FOUR: Your treatment will involve appropriate education, manual therapy and a rehabilitation program. These sessions are available in person or via telehealth. 

FIVE: You will receive a management plan to make sure that we keep you safe and your plan will involve education, advice, use of crutches or braces (if required).

We ask those who are coming into the clinic in person that you do not attend if you are in quarantine or have any cold/flu like symptoms.  If you have an injury and find yourself in quarantine or don’t feel comfortable attending in person, we are more than happy to book you an online telehealth appointment.

Who is this for?

This service is for any acute or significant pain or injury (not including deep lacerations or cuts) for all ages.

How quickly will you be seen?

On the same day! Call ahead to find the best time on that same day (with minimal waiting) with one of our physiotherapists.

Alternatively, jump online and book

  • Physiotherapy – Telehealth consultation
  • Physiotherapy – Initial standard consultation

What is it going to cost me?

$95-125 for in clinic Triage appointment (braces or crutches are additional)

$90 for full Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment

So, what now?

We can all work together to make sure that our hospitals and doctors are not loaded up by musculoskeletal injuries, and that you are not exposed unnecessarily to risks.

If you have any questions or you’re not sure what is right for you, please call our friendly client experience team on 03 9686 2373.  

Finding your exceptional through the ebb and flow of COVID-19…