Wrist Overuse Injuries

Fingering, plucking and sustained holds are only some of the dexterous movements that you as an instrumentalist need to achieve. The nature of long rehearsals, practice and gigs can mean that the muscles of your fingers and wrists are working in a repetitive nature and can place them at risk of a tendon injury or inflammation of the tendon sheaths that surround the many tendons of the fingers.

Working with your physiotherapists, an assessment of your biomechanics, joint mobility and muscle strength enables you to have tailored treatment so that you can mange any tendinopathies or tendon sheath issues.

You don’t have to have an injury to your wrists or hands to look after them. Unloading the accumulative muscle tension that builds up over the course of your practice is important to be able to sustain the health of your hands and forearms. The expert myotherapists at Performance Medicine understand the types of load you are putting through your arms and can use manual therapy, cupping and dry needling to alleviate increased tension. This not only helps with myofascial health but also with your awareness of the dexterity of your fingers for more accurate playing.

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