Nicole Reynolds

Nicole Reynolds (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist - APAM

Nicole (she/her) has over 10 years of physiotherapy experience from post surgery rehabilitation in hospitals to prenatal fitness and chronic condition management. 

Nicole has always had a strong interest in the arts industry, graduating from her Bachelor of Health Science and Arts Degree with majors in Dance and Drama as well as Exercise Science and Psychology. Following her undergraduate studies, Nicole completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne where she had the privilege of gaining experience with circus performers and professional ballet dancers.

Nicole has been specialising in treating and preventing performance-related injuries since she lived in the UK in 2016. Nicole worked at a busy West End clinic and exclusively on touring theatre productions. Nicole strongly believes in educating and empowering performers in optimising their physical health and preventing injury. Nicole’s passion for vocal physiotherapy has expanded from supporting professional singers optimise their instrument,  to also working alongside voice specialists to help professional voice users in various industries overcome muscle tension related voice concerns. 

Nicole loves working closely with the entire cast and crew of theatre productions to minimise injury risk and support individuals through the entire recovery process; from returning to their show duties to becoming stronger and more self aware company member than before. Over the past 10 years Nicole has supported and worked closely with over 10 touring and resident musical theatre and stage shows across Europe and Australasia.

Aside from the performing world, Nicole has personal experience of scoliosis in her teens and major surgery, she understands the complex nature of overcoming significant health and fitness hurdles, how it can impact on all aspects of your life and how the journey can be as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

Nicole uses manual therapy, dry needling as well as specific and progressive exercise when managing injuries.  She has a passion for not only the performer but also the recreational athlete and office warrior!


Memberships: Australian Physiotherapy Association



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