Pre Pointe Assessments

We invite all dancers and ballerinas to

check in with your physiotherapist before

you purchase your pointe shoes.


We love working with you and your dance teacher to ensure that you are strong for your shoes. So that you can not only have fun but also be safe whilst dancing en pointe.


We recommend that before going en pointe you complete a strengthening program. One that your physiotherapist will co-create with you.


Our Dance Conditioning and Ballet Conditioning classes are

perfect for all dancers to get strong and learn about your



We would love to have you join us for these term based classes.


Please check out our Dance Physiotherapy page for more ways that we can help you.


We invite all dancers and professional performers to get in touch and visit us in the clinic for a detailed assessment so that we can create a bespoke pre-pointe program for you.

  • Pre-Pointe Profile
  • Pointe Shoe Review
  • Dance Conditioning Classes


If you would like to Book a Pre Pointe Assessment

Simply use our Online Booking!

If you have any questions don’t hesitant to Contact us

Team members who can help with this

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Catherine Etty-Leal APAM

Titled Physiotherapist

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Senior Physiotherapist

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