Pre Pointe Assessment

We invite all dancers and ballerinas to

check in with your physiotherapist before

you purchase your pointe shoes.


We love working with you and your dance teacher to ensure that you are strong for your shoes. So that you can not only have fun but also be safe whilst dancing en pointe.


We recommend that prior to you beginning your ‘en pointe’ journey, you complete a pre- pointe profile to establish your body readiness and needs. This is an assessment session you will have with your physiotherapist to develop a ballet profile for your feet, lower legs and pelvis control. Almost always we will recommend an individually prescribed pointe specific strengthening program – one that your physiotherapist will co-create with you.

Why do we do a pre-pointe profile?

  • To assess you lower limb biomechanics
  • To assess your lower limb strength
  • Develop an understanding of what aspects of your biomechanics, strength and balance you should focus on improving to make sure you are safe to begin en pointe

What is covered in a pre pointe profile?

  • Dance history
  • Past medical history
  • Ballet exercises
  • Assessment of your biomechanics, strength and balance

What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing (shorts/leggings, a singlet top or leotard, and bare feet) and do not warm up prior to joining us.


Please try not to be nervous when you see us – we will explain each part of the profile, what we’re assessing and why! We’re with you on this journey and want you to feel comfortable.

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact our Melbourne or Sydney clinics.


Our Dance Conditioning and Ballet Conditioning classes are

perfect for all dancers to get strong and learn about your



We would love to have you join us for these term based classes.


Please check out our Dance Physiotherapy page for more ways that we can help you.


If you would like to Book a Pre Pointe Assessment

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If you have any questions don’t hesitant to Contact us

Team members who can help with this

Rhea Torres (she/her)

Physiotherapist - DPT. BNSc. BSc.

Annie Strauch (she/her)

Managing Director - Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Letitia Reus (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Elissa Petesic (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Emily McLean (she/her)

Physiotherapist - B.Physio Adv. (Hons), Masters of Sport Physio

Nicole Reynolds (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist - APAM

Stacey Kipouridis (she/her)

Physiotherapist - APAM

Catherine Etty-Leal (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Annie Strauch (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP