Dance Conditioning Program

Dance Conditioning Program

Term 3- We are back with our specialised dance conditioning online program!


This program is skill based and we work towards improving specific parts of your technique for your commercial or competition programs.


In 2020 the programs will look like:
• Term 1: Flexibility through Mobility
• Term 2: Arabesque line and back strength
• Term 3: Turns and Balance
• Term 4: Power and Jumps


Our results in Term 2 were AMAZING! Through the term each student improved in their line and control with their arabesques


You are offered the opportunity to take photos and measurements at the beginning of term and then review them at the end of term to see your progress (for your eyes only, unless you choose to share with your friends).


We find that our students who attend once a week and complete the home exercise program provided make amazing progress!
Looking forward to working on our Turns in Term 3!


In Term 3 are offering Term class packs.


Check out our timetable below.


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Stacey Kipouridis APAM