The Pre-Pointe Profile


By Stacey Kipouridis

A pre pointe profile is recommended to have prior to you beginning your ‘en pointe’ journey. This is a session you will have with your physiotherapist to develop a ballet profile for your feet, lower legs and pelvis control.

Why do we do a pre-pointe profile?

  • To assess you lower limb biomechanics
  • To assess your lower limb strength
  • Develop an understanding of what aspects of your biomechanics, strength and balance you should focus on improving to make sure you are safe to begin en pointe

What is covered in a pre pointe profile?

  • Dance history
  • Past medical history
  • Ballet exercises
  • Assessment of your biomechanics, strength and balance

What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing (shorts/leggings, a singlet top or leotard, and bare feet) and do not warm up prior to joining us. Please try not to be nervous when you see us – we will explain each part of the profile, what we’re assessing and why! We’re with you on this journey and want you to feel comfortable. 

Where are the assessments carried out?

We recommend to have your Pre-Pointe Profile built with us in the studio, however we understand the difficulties this may pose between lockdowns or geographical barriers! So luckily, we can also be done virtually if it is difficult for you to come into the studio.  To be prepared, here is a list of what you will need to set up a virtual pre-pointe profile assessment:

  • Computer/electronic device set up to see your full body
  • Chair or structure you can use as a ‘barre’ during the session
  • Ruler or measuring tape set up next to a wall (picture shown below)

What happens after the pre pointe profile?

In most cases, we find that there are areas where you may need to increase your strength and control. We will give you some specific exercises that will help you to continue to build your strength. We will discuss the most appropriate plan for you to begin ‘en pointe’ as safely as possible. 

While it may be disappointing if you are not ready for ‘en pointe’ just yet – it is important to remember that we all grow and develop at different rates.  Our aim is to ensure you are as strong as possible before going ‘en pointe’ to avoid any injuries from occurring.  

We are looking forward to meeting you, and being part of your ‘en pointe’ journey.  If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact our reception team on 9686 2373.