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Pilates and its benefits

Pilates can benefit everyone, no matter their age, gender etc. Easy to pickup and perform with numerous benefits make it very appealing.


The Pre-Pointe Profile

What is a Pre-Pointe Profile? Read on to learn the what, where and why of our Pre-Pointe Profiles


A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act… Life in this day and age can be busy…really busy! Between work, family, social life and all the other things we try and cram into our lives, it can feel like we’re trying to balance 100 things or more all at once. And then you pay a visit to your physio to […]


Keeping Warm at Competitions

Keeping Warm at Competitions  Now that winter has definitely set in, it’s important to remember to keep your body warm whilst at competitions! Leotards, tights, and tutu’s are not the warmest of costumes and we all know that dancing cold is not the way to dance at your best. Often competitions are held at community […]


Posterior Impingement in Dancers

Pain on rise and en pointe? Discomfort in plie? Tender and puffy behind the ankle? Pain that’s slowly increasing? Morning stiffness in the back of the ankle? If your answer to all these is yes, then you might have posterior impingement While common in the dance population, there are a lot of myths surrounding posterior […]


DANCER’S HIP PAIN: Why surgery isn’t a silver bullet

Dancer’s Hip Pain – Why surgery is not a silver bullet For all those dancers out there, hip pinching, grabbing and pain can be your biggest barrier when you are in class or rehearsals, or, when you are trying to do a retire, développé or grande battement (or anything for that matter!).   Naturally, when […]