12 Aug

A Balancing Act // Titled Physiotherapist Catherine Etty-Leal

A Balancing Act… Life in this day and age can be busy…really busy! Between work, family, social life and all the other things we try and cram into our lives, it can feel like we’re trying to balance 100 things or more all at once. And then you pay a visit to your physio to […]

4 Jun

Keeping Warm at Competitions // Dance Physiotherapist Haydee Ferguson

Keeping Warm at Competitions  Now that winter has definitely set in, it’s important to remember to keep your body warm whilst at competitions! Leotards, tights, and tutu’s are not the warmest of costumes and we all know that dancing cold is not the way to dance at your best. Often competitions are held at community […]

9 May

Posterior Impingement

Posterior Impingement By Dance & Vocal Physiotherapist Maddie Hicks Pain on rise and en pointe? Discomfort in plie? Tender and puffy behind the ankle? Pain that’s slowly increasing Morning stiffness in the back of the ankle If your answer to all these is yes, then you might have posterior impingement While common in the dance […]

9 Mar

DANCER’S HIP PAIN: Why surgery isn’t a silver bullet

Dancer’s Hip Pain – Why surgery is not a silver bullet For all those dancers out there, hip pinching, grabbing and pain can be your biggest barrier when you are in class or rehearsals, or, when you are trying to do a retire, développé or grande battement (or anything for that matter!).   Naturally, when […]

4 Mar


THE HISTORY OF THE POINTE SHOE Ballet has constantly evolved we see this in the quintessential symbol of ballet – the pointe shoe. From heels, to darned slippers to the block shoe of today, ballet shoes have changed significantly over the centuries. Let’s get to the point-e Courtly Dance – In Heels! Ballet found its […]

21 Aug

Goal Setting & Self Care for Performers

What can YOU do to improve your focus towards your goals as a creative? Often times, we can feel such a sense of failure & of self analysis that the voices inside our heads can get quite overwhelming. Everyone knows that performers are busy and have lots to maintain in their lives! Dance technique, fitness, […]

15 Aug

What is the QF?

What is the QF?   Have you heard of the muscle called QF? …if you haven’t here is all you need to know about this awesome little muscle. If you are PM patient who is working on a hip injury or pelvis stability, then you probably have heard it mentioned in an appointment- But even if […]

10 Aug

Are you Mindful?

Are you Mindful? Mindfulness is the current buzzword & modern mindfulness has evolved through many forms of meditation- Essentially, you are looking to train your mind to be more present with the body and with its surroundings.   There are many ways you can practice mindfulness, and it is a skill that should be practiced […]

19 Jan

DANCERS: Don’t be caught out over summer

As dancers our summer is about relaxing after end of year performances, frolicking on beach holidays and giving your body/ brain a hiatus from classes. Performance Medicine physios totally agree in time off to relax the mind, body and soul, BUT please please please be careful of stopping too much!! Going to dancing class is […]

2 Feb

Dancers know a thing or two about jumping!

Recent studies by the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries compared jumping biomechanics between dancers and other athletes. They looked at the effects of gender and fatigue on jumping technique and found that in the non-fatigued dancers, there were no significant differences between male and female dancers and male athletes, however female athletes had risk-associated landing […]

10 Dec

Motor Learning

If you love attending your dance classes, you must check out what the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science says about the learning processes that occur within the studio. Motor Learning – IADMS Article

2 Dec

First Aid for Dancers

If you are a dancer make sure you check out what the International Association of Dance Medicine Science has to say about first aid. First Aid – IADMS Article

21 Sep

Barre Attack Launch Free Classes

Barre Attack Launch Starting Tuesday 7 October! Our first two weeks unlimited classes for free!! Tuesday 7 & 14: 5:30pm & 6:30pm Thursday 9 & 16: 5:30pm & 6:30pm  Limited class sizes so call to book now!! 9820 1324

12 Sep

Barre Attack starting in October!

Barre Attack classes @ Performance Medicine starting October! Are you feeling bored with your regular work out? Are ready to get fit for Summer…well get ready to get your sexy body back! www.barreattack.com   Barre Attack is a fusion of Pilates, Ballet and fitness providing a complete body workout improving your posture, flexibility, balance and […]

19 Apr

Concussion in Circus Arts, Dance & Theatre

Concussion is more common in circus, acrobatics and dance than you might think and it is a serious injury that needs appropriate attention. A concussion can occur when someone takes a blow to the head from a fall or an external force and can be immediately obvious with a loss of consciousness and/or confusion. But […]

20 Mar

Angel Wings

A dancer is continually working to achieve perfect posture and elegant lines. Winging shoulder blades are a common problem among dancers and are more commonly referred to as angel wings or chicken wings (Figure a). This postural variation is often caused by weakness of the scapular (shoulder blade) muscles and shoulder girdle stabilising muscles. Although angel wings […]