Goal Setting & Self Care for Performers

What can YOU do to improve your focus towards your goals as a creative?

Often times, we can feel such a sense of failure & of self analysis that the voices inside our heads can get quite overwhelming. Everyone knows that performers are busy and have lots to maintain in their lives!
Dance technique, fitness, vocal health, practicing songs, marketing yourself, improving yourself- It all can easily become too much…
Please don’t be overwhelmed – focus on what you CAN do.  

What is the best way to do this? We’re here to help-  

Our main tip is to focus on being proactive. If you are not getting the answer or results you want – ask a different question.

When you have areas you want to improve, brainstorm ways to achieve them, rather than approaching them in the ways you always have. Putting positive energy towards your goals can be a catalyst to make them happen. At a recent team development in the clinic, we all wrote down where we would like to be in 3 years!
Being specific to personal, health, career, family, financial, travel & other, can really help to narrow down what you’d like to achieve and get the ball rolling… 

Conditioning – class is important, I personally like cross training.  It’s a fantastic way to change up the way you load your body. Yoga, Clinical Pilates and Reformer Pilates classes are in their own right, great ways to build core strength. You will be amazed through a few classes what can change in your body. (We even have Reformer Pilates classes at Performance Med now!! YAY!)

Do some acting, writing, painting…. things that stimulate you creatively.

Be inspired. If you like creative settings, go the art gallery, be in nature, it’s the free spectacle that is always there, every day! If you take the time to be inspired, you can commit to self care. Giving to yourself makes you more able to give to others & flow creativity.

Set a schedule, the artistic mind has so many types and forms (see any of Jeff Crabtree’s resources on that).

I think that writing yourself a schedule that (can obviously be flexible) gives us some shape to our week and day. Without this it is so easy to procrastinate!  

Being present is at the heart of creativity and the creative flow. We at Performance Medicine have taken recently to the idea of utilising small moments to be ‘grounded’ or mindful. This really helps us let go of all the things in our head and to be present with you.

You’d be amazed at how your day can change shape when you let go of the noise in your head!

For some resources on how to be artistic and productive check out these:

  • War on Art by Steven Pressfield.  A terrific short read 🙂
  • Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy.  Get more into your day – smart practical tips.
  • Jeff Crabtree – Zebra Collective

For some mindful tips and body scans – see Catherine Etty-Leal’s most recent post on our blog feed. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Performance Medicine very soon!

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– Andrew Pilcher