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13 Nov

A Day in The Life

A DAY IN THE LIFE Written by our lovely Year 10 work experience student: Mandy This week Tessa and I completed our work experience at Performance Medicine. This work place was very welcoming and amazingly positive 🙂 When you walk into Performance Medicine you are greeted with a warm smile from front desk while catching a glimpse of […]

2 Oct

Self Jaw release

Self Jaw release Our amazing Senior Physiotherapist Andrew Pilcher has decided to dive, head first into the world of VLOGS! For his first introductory video, he discusses the techniques for self jaw release, the right way. A fantastic short and sweet tool kit for singers, musicians and people who like to chat 😉 >>> HERE <<<

19 Sep


WELCOME TO THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE PERFORMANCE MEDICINE TEAM! Sports Doctor & General Practitioner DR. Jason Lam  We are thrilled to announce that we are welcoming Jason to our team so that we are able to help more clients in more ways, to reach their ultimate performance!     Jason was originally a professional dancer […]

14 Sep

Real Time Ultrasound for Musicians

Real time Ultrasound Why do we use this for singers and instrumentalists?   How can real time ultrasound help you with your “breath” or “breath support” if you are a musician?   Ask yourself these simple questions- Do you feel that there is something blocking your breath or breath support? What is your body awareness […]

10 Sep

Compression Wear Myths BUSTED!

Is compression wear all that is is cracked up to be? Read on to learn more about it!   Does it actually work? There is research investigating the benefits of compression wear. Unfortunately, it is hard to make a definitive statement one way or the other as each study that has been done has looked […]

4 Sep

Brass & Woodwind – what position is best to play?

What is your favourite position to play your instrument in? Research has reported that standing up is the favourite position of woodwind and brass players (Ackerman, et al., 2014).  However, it seems that most of your rehearsals are set up for sitting down on the old bucket seat in the school gym. When looking at […]

21 Aug

Goal Setting & Self Care for Performers

What can YOU do to improve your focus towards your goals as a creative? Often times, we can feel such a sense of failure & of self analysis that the voices inside our heads can get quite overwhelming. Everyone knows that performers are busy and have lots to maintain in their lives! Dance technique, fitness, […]

15 Aug

What is the QF?

What is the QF?   Have you heard of the muscle called QF? …if you haven’t here is all you need to know about this awesome little muscle. If you are PM patient who is working on a hip injury or pelvis stability, then you probably have heard it mentioned in an appointment- But even if […]

10 Aug

Are you Mindful?

Are you Mindful? Mindfulness is the current buzzword & modern mindfulness has evolved through many forms of meditation- Essentially, you are looking to train your mind to be more present with the body and with its surroundings.   There are many ways you can practice mindfulness, and it is a skill that should be practiced […]