DANCERS: Don’t be caught out over summer

As dancers our summer is about relaxing after end of year performances, frolicking on beach holidays and giving your body/ brain a hiatus from classes. Performance Medicine physios totally agree in time off to relax the mind, body and soul, BUT please please please be careful of stopping too much!!

Going to dancing class is part of our weekly strengthening regime as every tendu and plie performed at the barre, every saute in the centre and every turning preparation sequence is a dancers version of doing her bicep curls and squats at the gym. Strength is the key to improving and avoiding chances of injury.

In lieu of not being in class over summer holidays, here’s 5 ways to keep strong over summer…

  1. Clinical Pilates – With more time over summer with less rehearsals and commitments have you thought getting your body stronger through a specialised Clinical Pilates class
  2. Beach sports – Think surfing, playing beach cricket or trial stand-up paddling boarding
  3. Fitness Catch ups – Instead of having coffee with friends why not do a fitness catch up? Go for a walk or run, achieve the 1000steps summit or meet at a fun class or even for a gym session
  4. Be daring – Flex and work your muscles rock climbing? Whether indoor or outdoor it’s a great work out
  5. Sunday cycles darling – don’t forget that getting onto your bike for a Sunday roll to get breaky can be beneficial for fitness as well as great to avoid silly traffic

Take up some of these tips and you’re less likely to be a dancer who gets injured in the first few weeks of full time programs or back in class because you never lost what you worked so hard for in 2015.

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