Annie Strauch

Annie Strauch (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Annie Strauch (she/her) is a passionate performance physiotherapist with extensive experience working with professional performers and athletes. As well as being one of Australia’s leading Vocal Physiotherapists.  

A titled APA Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Annie holds both a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Annie utilises manual therapy or “hands on” treatment and needling in conjunction with rehabilitation, to tailor her treatments to every client. 

This passion for performance physiotherapy developed on London’s West End where she managed performers in over 30 productions. Immersed, she learnt so much about the performance industry, and the incredible results from Vocal Physiotherapy. Annie returned to Australia and recognised the physical hardships of performers  and the demands on their bodies. . After that, Performance Medicine was born, to provide a safe haven for performing artists  to receive tailored and focused physiotherapy treatment.  She has brought sports science to the arts to improve the physical sustainability of the life of a performing artist.

 With extensive experience in the treatment and enhancement of the professional voice using vocal physiotherapy techniques, Annie works alongside ENT specialists, speech pathologists and vocal coaches. In addition to this, Annie presents Vocal Physiotherapy workshops nationally and internationally for both physiotherapists and speech pathologists.

Annie manages Australian and international touring productions  providing injury prevention, treatment and movement development. She is also the resident physiotherapist for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

When Annie isn’t the Director of Performance Medicine in Melbourne and Sydney, she is enjoying having fun with her family, fitness training and snow skiing.


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Memberships: Sports Physiotherapy Association (SPA) (previous committee member); Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association (MPA);  Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), Australian Voice Association (AVA), Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH) (previous committee member), International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS), Laryngology Society of Australia (LSA)


Annie’s special interest areas are head and neck pain, facial pain, laryngeal dysfunction (voice, breathing), lumbopelvic pain, foot/ankle.

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