Pregnancy, myotherapy and you!

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a very individual experience. Unsurprisingly it can create all sorts of emotions, feelings and questions.

Pregnancy can also bring about some unexpected aches and pains.

As your baby grows and your pregnancy progresses, your body is constantly changing. Hormone levels fluctuate, ligaments loosen, your centre of gravity shifts and blood flow increases. All this puts stresses on different structures in the body and can result in a myriad of new experiences which can include; breathlessness, lower back pain, pelvic, buttock and groin pain, cramping, swelling in hands, legs and face, carpal tunnel, heart burn, and varicose veins.

While your GP or midwife will be the first person you go to for your pregnancy related questions, your physiotherapist, myotherapist or massage therapist can help you get through this exciting and challenging period. How?

Research suggests that massage therapy during pregnancy can:

  • Increase relaxation
  • Lower anxiety
  • Decrease back and leg pain related to cramping, swelling and musculoskeletal load
  • Improve sleep.

So if you are after a better night’s sleep, or perhaps wanting a wind down, a massage is the key.

Physiotherapy, myotherapy and massage can also help with specific musculoskeletal issues that happen during pregnancy such as back, groin and pelvic pain….watch this space for our next blog on how we can help!

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