Online Classes Launch!

At Performance Medicine, we get it.

We get that being inside in social isolation and that your “work from home life” can throw up some challenges like a sore neck and a stiff back.

So we invite you to join us for our real time, live streamed fitness classes launching on Monday 29 March 2020!

Workout alongside your favourite therapists as they take you through our fun timetable. If you’ve got a house and a device, you’ve got a gym. 

Intro price: $30 per 5 pack

Join your favourite therapists twice a day for

  • Yoga Flow – 30 mins
    Calm the nervous system, focus and re-energise as you flow through this Vinyasa style flow with asanas (poses) to build strength, resilience, and calm.  We finish with a focussing mindfulness exercise.
  • Yin Yoga – 30 mins
    Wind down the nervous system and restore with yin yoga. Yin allows you to sink into more sustained positions, allowing the body and mind to soften. We finish with calming mindfulness.
  • Matwork Pilates – 30 mins
    Find your strength from within.  Our matwork classes, led by our qualified Physiotherapists, target strength, technique, and control with Pilates principles as their base.  Think these aren’t hard – we challenge you – they are full of surprises. 
  • Functional Training – 30 mins
    Be strong, be happy and be functional.  This 30 minute strength training class uses your body weight and some basic home equipment (pillow and cans) and is circuit based.  You will be challenged with HIIT, some cardio and strength. Let our therapists challenge you.
  • Barre – 30mins
    Barre is a low-impact, but high intensity exercise class suited to those wanting to maintain or improve their general fitness and strength. While Barre incorporates some elements of ballet technique, you don’t need to have any dance training to do this class. Usually done with a ballet barre, at home you just need a chair, and some hand weights/cans (damn the 2 chickpea can limit!). Barre is bound to get you sweating and grinning.