5 Tips to Maintaining Motivation

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, consistency and maintaining motivation are crucial. Don’t become overwhelmed with the thought of developing a plan to achieve your goal.

Here are 5 tips to setting and achieving goals by maintaining your motivation:

1.  Back to Basics

Things are always easier to achieve when they are quick and simple.

When you set yourself a goal, break it up into smaller more achievable goals. Once you achieve the smaller goals, you will feel motivated to keep it up

2.  Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Keep motivated by achieving with a friend.

If you skip a session you are not only letting yourself down, you’re also letting your friend down.  Plus things are always more fun when your friends are around!

3.  Keep it Positive

Remember that nobody’s perfect and we’re all human so don’t get down on yourself.  Focus on the positives you have achieved.  A positive mindset will mean set backs won’t seem so big.

4.  Lock It In and Write it down

Things are always more real when they are written down. If you put pen to paper and schedule things in your diary, you are making a commitment to yourself.

5. Revise Your Routine

It’s easier to stay motivated if everything is going to plan. Reflect and refine your plan make goals more achievable and even achieve them faster!

Get Motivated!

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