What is ‘Run Coaching’?


Put simply, run coaching is about empowering you to run safely and effectively. It’s about teaching you the skills you need to achieve any goal you have. Your goals might be to run for the first time, run without injury, smash a personal best distance or time, or run your first fun run. It doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is, it is worth pursuing. Once you achieve your goal, or you decide that you no longer need coaching, then we say a friendly goodbye until we meet again! I know I have succeeded as a coach if our time together ends with you knowing more about being a safe and effective runner!


I have the skills, qualifications and experience to coach you to achieve your goal. Run coaching involves you and I working as a team. This team functions in any way you want it to. I can chat with you, write you a run program tailored to your needs and you’re on your way until you want my help again. I’m also happy to work with you for longer, right up until you achieve your goal, and have frequent contact with you to provide the support you need. It’s up to you. You know what kind of support you want and that’s why we have so many packages to choose from. I also understand that you might change your mind at any time. That’s why I offer discounts if you want to sign up for an additional package or add add-ons. I also have a no-commitment philosophy where you can cancel your package if you want. 


You are in the driver’s seat.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Brea is a physiotherapist.

After your appointment you will be emailed a full receipt with all the information required to claim directly with your private health provider, if you are covered for physiotherapy.

Check out our ``The Bane of My Running`` package!

Starting your running journey isn't always easy, but that's where a run coach can help. We have a ``Become a Runner`` package which is perfect for someone like you.

The ‘just tell me what to do’ package


Perfect for that person who is new to running and just wants to follow a simple program that fits into their lifestyle.

  1. One Video Consult  (45 mins)
  2.  One run program

…and you’re on your way


COST: $199

The ‘I’m new to this’ flexible 6-week package


Perfect for the new runner who has a goal to achieve and needs someone to take them from just thinking about running to running their first 5k.

1. Access to member portal for 12 weeks
2. One Video Consultation (45min)
3. One run program
4. Midway program review (30min Video Consult & New program)
5. 6 weeks of monitoring and support
(client to decide contact frequency via physiapp, tailored to the client for personalised support)
6. 2-weeks grace
(this gives you the flexibility to take some time off if you need to)


COST: $513 or $171 per fortnight 

The ‘I know how to run but I want to achieve something new’ 6-week package


Ideal for the experienced runner who wants to achieve something new (e.g. 10km runner wants to try their first marathon, road runner wants to try a trail run or marathon runner who wants to try fast, short distances).


  1. Access to member portal for 12 weeks
  2. One Video Consultation (45min)
  3. One run program
  4. Midway program review (30min Video Consult & New program)
  5. 6 weeks of monitoring (text message support on a needs basis)
  6. 2 weeks grace (gives you the flexibility to take some time off if you need to)


COST: $555 or $185 per fortnight

The ‘I’m need extra TLC and need some expert advice’ package

Perfect for the runner who has been ignoring a niggle for a little too long or has a new injury that is stopping them from achieving their goals.


  1. Access to member portal for 12 weeks
  2. Initial consultation to discuss the injury and view video of the client running (45min online video consultation)
  3. Fortnightly Run program
  4. Midway program review (30min online video consultation)
  5. Complimentary “Booster” Consult! To discuss your injury and any concerns that come up during the 6 weeks.
  6. 6 weeks of monitoring and support (client to decide contact frequency via physiapp, tailored to the client for personalised support)
  7. 2 weeks grace (gives you the flexibility to take some time off if you need to)

COST: $597 or $199 per fortnight

All of our packages include an initial 45min video consult!

Simply book your first session with Brea and she will advise you of which package suits you best! And give you a promo code to deduct what you paid for the consult off your package.

Meet our Running Coach- Dr Brea Kunstler PhD !

Brea Kunstler is a physiotherapist working extensively with recreational athletes, new exercisers and weekend warriors with a passion to help them achieve their full potential. She is also a behaviour change scientist at Monash University, has a PhD in physical activity behaviour change and is a titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Research Physiotherapist. Brea specialises in run coaching and has achieved her level 1 Recreational Run Coaching qualification from Athletics Australia. Brea has experience coaching new and experienced runners from across Australia using online video conferencing.  


Brea completed her Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Victoria. She enjoys using her behaviour change and physiotherapy skills to support everyone to begin their exercise journey in a safe and successful way. You will see Brea publishing research in high quality journals, contributing to professional blogs and sharing insights on social media to support your exercise journey. Brea keeps herself busy by balancing her clinical and research careers with chasing after her toddler and participating in running events across Victoria.

Memberships: Australian Physiotherapy Association