Telehealth Roll & Release

We are now offering

Telehealth Roll and Release appointments to support you at home!


At Performance Medicine we get it! Working from home, at home workouts and whole lot of stress! It is easy for things to build up, and your body to be the one to pay the price.


We are here to help you look after your body!


What is a Roll and Release Appointment? 

During a a roll and release appointment one of our therapists will guide you at home, through a personalised session. Addressing your body and it’s needs! Tailoring the appointment and targeting any tensions or issues that you have been having in this new landscape. You will be walked through techniques with foam rollers, spikey balls, rolled up towels or a skillfully placed elbow.

At Performance Medicine we really do mean it when we say #wegetit. These are trying times and we won’t just leave you to your four walls.


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