Why should I see a dance physio when I’m not injured

Elissa Petesic (Physiotherapist – Sydney)

At Performance Medicine we are committed to helping you find your exceptional. We are passionate about working with dancers preventatively and to optimise their performance. We love being able to discuss your goals, observe and assess your physicality, and work together to map out a plan to achieve them.

What to expect

A long physiotherapy consultation can be used as an assessment to see your current strength and mobility as well as addressing any specific physical goals that you may have for your dancing. Your physiotherapist will look at general tests for mobility, strength, form, power and alignment – all specific to your dance style(s). We will talk to you about your current dance load and goals as well as devise a personalised exercise program targeted to the findings of your assessment. A follow up can then be planned to progress your exercises as needed or hands on physiotherapy might be recommended depending on the findings and goals specific to you. 

When should I have an assessment?

Dancer’s of any age, style or level of training can have a dance physiotherapy assessment and this can be done at any time of the year that you want to work on improving your dancing. Many dancers choose to use their holidays or a break in their dance calendar as a time to do this as it allows a point or focus and an opportunity to reset, commit to new goals and exercise regime to form better habits and optimise performance ability. Having said that, any time is right to learn more about your body and work towards your goals.

On the day

Our dance assessments are with a physiotherapist who has experience working with dancers and will take up to an hour. You’ll be expected to complete a series of physical tests and some objective measurements will be taken so be prepared for some physicality! We recommend that you wear form fitting clothing and shorts or pants that can be rolled above the knee for the session to get the most information out of the assessment and allow your physiotherapist the best opportunity to be thorough. Most of the assessment will be completed barefoot but we recommend bringing your dance shoes with you also. 

Are you ready to find your exceptional? We can’t wait to be a part of your journey!