Chris Minto (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist

Chris Minto (she/her) is a dual trained physiotherapist and acupuncturist with 30 years of  experience with people of all ages and conditions.  Which enables her to combine western and eastern modalities for innovative holistic treatments.  


Aiming to provide a fresh approach with outstanding results, offering creative solutions for her patients, particularly those experiencing roadblocks in their recovery.  With acupuncture, exercise and effective self management strategies utilising the meridians of acupuncture pathways in the body. 


Chris graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy and has completed an Advanced Diploma of Applied science in Acupuncture and is a registered Acupuncturist.


She has worked with people of all ages and stages of life with extensive experience including in rehabilitation,  orthopaedics, maternity, paediatrics, hand clinic and conducted many group exercise classes including cardio-pulmonary rehab, balance and water based exercise for older people.  


As a team leader she was the author of policies in the Northern Rivers Area Health Service and has an extensive background in education. Working as a course coordinator and lecturer, tutor and clinical educator for a variety of healthcare professionals.  She is a published author through her involvement in  research at Deakin University on projects that focus on Fundamental Motor Skills in children. Highlighting her understanding of the importance of a broad base of movement skill development for physical activity engagement and injury prevention.


Her performing arts experience includes qualifications and experience working as a sound technician, videographer, filmmaker and singer-songwriter producing an award winning documentary film.  She is also an active member of her local council LGBTQIA plus committee.


Chris is a mum to her teenage and early 20s sons. She enjoys gardening (even weeding), lightweight multi day hiking and playing stringed instruments.


Memberships: Australian Physiotherapy Association  




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