Dry Needling

Dry needling is derived from Eastern Medicine needling concepts for the relief of pain and muscular tension.

Using fine gauge (acupuncture) needles to directly treat muscle tension, trigger points, joint mobility and myofascial pain and irritation so that you will feel great.

Muscular trigger points are a common complaint. Research has shown that trigger points have an altered biochemical nature that can create pain, inflammation and movement restriction. Dry needling aims to relieve trigger points and reduce pain, tension and inflammation. This will improve comfort and movement restriction.

Utilising dry needling, your therapist may elicit a local twitch response in these points. This response has been shown to decrease inflammatory biochemicals and stimulate the neural system in the tissue reducing pain and tension.

The result?

  • Improved tissue health
  • Reduced tension
  • Less pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved function

Dry needling can be used by your trained physiotherapist or massage therapist to assist in your pain and improved rapid healing. Ask our team about dry needling or book with a practitioner today!

Team members who can help with this

Luca Negri (he/him)


Emily McLean (she/her)

Physiotherapist - B.Physio Adv. (Hons), Masters of Sport Physio

Maria Anagnostou (she/her)

Titled Physiotherapist - MACP

Chris Minto (she/her)

Senior Physiotherapist

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