Dr Brea Kunstler

Physiotherapist & Run Coach

Brea Kunstler (she/her) is a physiotherapist working extensively with recreational athletes, new exercisers and weekend warriors. She has a passion to help them achieve their full potential. A behaviour change scientist at Monash University, Brea has a PhD in physical activity behaviour change and is a titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Research Physiotherapist. Brea’s passion lives in run coaching. Leading her to achieved her level 1 Recreational Run Coaching qualification from Athletics Australia. With experience coaching new and seasoned runners from across Australia using online video conferencing.  


Brea has a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Victoria. She enjoys using her behaviour change and physiotherapy skills to support everyone to begin their exercise journey in a safe and successful way. You will see Brea publishing research in high quality journals, contributing to professional blogs and sharing insights on social media to support your exercise journey. Brea keeps herself busy! Balancing her clinical and research careers with chasing after her toddler and participating in running events across Victoria.


Memberships: Australian Physiotherapy Association 




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