Poor Embouchure

Poor embouchure

Creating a sustainable and effective lip embouchure is challenging for even the most expert wind, reed or brass instrumentalists. For each instrument, your best strategy will differ depending on many factors including – the type of embouchure, if you have a reed, the duration of your rehearsal or gig and the genre of music you are playing. External factors such as facial nerve weakness, Bell’s palsy, dental surgery, soft palate dysfunction and jaw dysfunction may also contribute to your ability to produce an efficient embouchure.

Facial muscle fatigue and facial pain may be signs that your embouchure is under strain. An assessment by your physiotherapist can help you understand and treat musculoskeletal and postural components to this issue. We know that embouchure is very much technique and instrument dependent and your physiotherapist will work with your instrument teacher or coach so that we understand exactly what you need to achieve so that you can elevate your playing excellence.


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