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Always into sports and dancing, Annie has grown up loving performing arts following this love of performance she transitioned into physiotherapy. The love of the arts and career journey as a physiotherapist really began when she moved to London and landed her dream job at a clinic that treated all West End performers. Immersed and learning so much about the performance industry and leading techniques seeing positive results is when Annie passion for vocal physiotherapy began.  Returning back to Australia Annie saw both the gap in the marketplace and witnessed the suffering of singers who really needed this supportive service. Performance Medicine was born, to provide a safe haven for singers, dancers and performers where they can receive tailored and focused physiotherapy treatment.  Today Annie and the team are recognised for their vocal and musical physio and are coined by Gurus of TMJ as the “go-to place” for singers.

The driving principals Annie has fused into Performance Medicine is to create a space where performers feel safe, where they are able to recover and prepare with support and guidance. Where privacy is valued and all levels of performers are catered for. Everyone from beginners to well-known artists to athletes, dancers, performers through to the person living around the corner needing physiotherapy or a pilates class. Annie extensive and diligent work in the industry continues as she is regularly invited to present at a national and international level at Speech Pathology, ENT, Physiotherapy and voice teacher conferences. Annie is a titled APA Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist holding both a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Annie specialises in dance physio, sports physio and vocal unloading/vocal physiotherapy. Annie’s passion for performance physiotherapy developed on London’s West End where she managed performers in over 30 productions. She manages the dance physio for various Melbourne theatre productions providing injury prevention, treatment and movement development. She is also the resident physiotherapist for the Melbourne Theatre Company. Annie utilises manual therapy or “hands on” treatment and dry needling in conjunction with rehabilitation.

Annie is a specialist in the treatment and enhancement of the professional voice using vocal unloading techniques and she works alongside ENT specialists, speech pathologists and vocal coaches. She presents Vocal Unloading workshops for both physiotherapists and speech pathologists (if you are interested please contact us or see our blog for the latest courses).

Annie enjoys having fun with her family, running and snow skiing.

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Memberships: Sports Physiotherapy Association (SPA) (committee member); Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association (MPA); Dance Network, Australian Voice Association (AVA), Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH), Laryngology Society of Australia (LSA)

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