Post Natal Pilates – 5 Easy Ways To Get Strong!

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You’ve made it through your pregnancy and birthing your baby and now you are a new mum!

Suddenly it seems like you are at the bottom of the list of your priorities – feeding, nappy changing, washing and if you can possibly spare 5 minutes, cooking! But the truth is that you need to look after yourself too.

Here are five Pilates based exercises you can do with your baby to not only save time while you exercise, but to give you a different way to bond with your baby.

 1.    Arm Openings

With all the things that come with breast/bottle feeding, changing nappies and cuddling your baby your upper body can become very stiff and sore.  This is a great exercise to combat this.


2.    Basic Abdominal Series

This is a gentle way to start regaining your abdominal muscle tone. It is safe to do in the early weeks following a vaginal delivery or caesarian section. If you had and abdominal separation (DRAM – see the previous blog on DRAM), it is a fantastic way to help reduce this. Your baby will love to sit on your belly while you do this series!


3.    Shoulder Bridge

It is important to keep your gluteal muscles strong during and after pregnancy. This will make all the crouching and lifting easier on your back and help reduce any potential pelvic girdle or lower back pain. Try doing this with your baby on your pelvic for extra weight and extra strengthening – they’ll love the ride!


4.    Clams

This is another way to strengthen your gluteals that you can snuggle in with your baby on the floor to do. Try singing a song to your baby for a whole set until you feel that nice burn in your bottom muscles!


5.    Foam Roller Arm Series

Just as tummy time is important for your baby to strengthen their back muscles, mummy’s back time is just as important to release yours! Try lying on a foam roller or rolled up towel while your baby does tummy time on your tummy, or lie next to your baby doing this arm series.


Enjoy your new workout that can be done in the comfort of your home!

If you’d like more, try joining one of the Pilates classes at Performance Medicine. Phone 03 9686 2373 to book an appointment with one of our friendly physiotherapists.

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