Keeping Hydrated in Summer

Hurray for summer!

Temperatures are rising and we are ready for long days, sunshine and fun.  While a 28 degree day calls you out to beach or park (or air-conditioned movie theatre) it can also mean dehydration.

Water makes up 50% to 75% of our body. It is in our blood, muscle, skin and bones. Without it we wouldn’t last long.  So it is important we keep hydrated while enjoying our summertime activities to stay happy, healthy (and alive!). For adults this means:

  • Women need two litres (eight cups) of fluids per day
  • Men need 2.6 litres (10 cups) per day.

Drinking fresh water is the best way to keep hydrated. A number of people however find meeting these requirements challenging.

Some tips to encourage water intake:

  • Flavour your glass – add fresh lemon, berries, watermelon, mint or cucumber to your glass.
  • Find it in your food – get eating fresh fruit and vegetables such as watermelon, celery, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, oranges or tomatoes
  • Keep it handy – at your desk, in your bag – where you go, so does your water bottle
  • Add some sparkle – an occasional glass of sparkling mineral water can give you some extra fizz. But don’t have too much. Commercial mineral waters contain salt while fresh water doesn’t
  • Sip on tea – unsweetened black, green, white, herbal tea…there are so many to choose from. And in the summer, iced tea can really hit the spot.
  • Smoothies – combine fruit and milk of your choice in a glass for some naturally sweet liquid tastiness.

Loving this Jamie Oliver smoothie recipe from Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Serve 2 Cooks in 5 minutes Difficulty Super Easy


1 ripe banana

1 glass frozen fruit

2 heaped tablespoons natural yoghurt

1 small handful oats

1 small handful mixed nuts

1 glass organic soy milk, skimmed milk or apple juice

honey , to taste, optional


Peel and slice your banana and put it into a blender with your frozen fruit and the yoghurt. Whiz it up and add the oats and nuts. Add the soy milk, skimmed milk, or apple juice and whiz again, until nice and smooth. If it’s a bit too thick for you, just add a splash more milk or juice and whiz around again. Give it a good stir, then have a taste. Rarely with a frozen fruit smoothie should you need to sweeten it, but if you think it needs a bit of extra sweetness you can add a little honey to taste — you won’t need much.

Oliver, J (n.d.) Frozen fruit smoothies. Retrieved from http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/frozen-fruit-smoothies/#v2cuUZEsU8IhK17m.99

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