Beat the Heat 

How to Keep to your Exercise Regime

I love summer. In the cold of winter, while I hunt for any sun patches, I dream of a blissful life lived in the summer sun. Then it arrives and I remember the realities of a Victorian summer. Blistering heat, hairdryer winds and the need to remain indoors with my beloved air conditioner. Standing outside seems insane, let alone running, biking or any form of exercise in that weather. But exercise is good for our body and good for our soul. Let’s kick the heat and keep moving with these 6 tips.

1. Time It
Become a fan of BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) and check the forecast for the cooler times of the day. This is the time to head out. It may involve rising early (eep!) to catch that amazing sunrise or heading out in the evening for a gorgeous sunset session. Avoid exercising outdoors during the hottest part of the day, usually between 10 and 4pm. If you must, find the shade and carry a little fan or spray bottle for cooling.

2. Hydrate – with water.
Drink water all day, everyday, but especially when exercising during those scorchers. Our body temperature increases in hot weather and even more so when exercising. Avoid heat exhaustion or worse, heat stroke by keeping hydrated. It’s important to keep up fluids by drinking 250mL every 20 minutes and at least another 250mL after exercise.

3. Change up your workout
So it’s 38 degrees and 90 per cent humidity outside – it’s okay to slow the pace, shorten your workout or pick a different type of work out. Swimming is a refreshing cardio workout and biking in the wind may be a little cooler than a 10km run. If you feel you can only do 10 minutes sessions, be easy on yourself and listen to your body. Do the 10 minutes and stop. If you are keen, do two shorter sessions in one day. If you want to do a set 30-minutes, do it at less intensity or at intervals. A suggestion is to take a step down. If you usually run, walk it or jog. If you walk, slow it down. And remember: taking breaks is okay.

4. Wear light clothes and sunscreen
Protect your skin and ensure you are adequately covered. Wear it loose with lightweight, light coloured, breathable wicking fabric that keeps air circulating and pulls the moisture from your skin to keep you cooler. Set off your look with an awesome hat and healthy application of sunscreen (at least SPF 30 UVA/UVB).

5. Head indoors
Let’s face it, sometimes it just too hot. Head indoors. Enjoy the gym, your home work out, or a pilates class in air conditioned comfort.

6. Stop if you are feeling unwell
If you do feel faint, nauseous or sick, stop. There is no good in powering through. Sit down in a shady spot (or indoors if you can) drink water, use a spray bottle to cool down. You may be dehydrated, suffering heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

For information about heat stroke please click here.

Myotherapist- Alana Pryor