When I ask “how are you today?”, I don’t just mean your body!

By Bec Zahra

Let’s talk about us. You and me, and the importance of honest communication between us. Hi, I’m Bec, a Myotherapist! It’s my job as a Myo to help you by enabling your body to feel and move at its best. But did you know that your emotional health can impact your treatment outcomes? Well, now you do!

We’re here to work as a team, and you never know what may help me help you! When I ask “how are you, today?”, I mean how is ALL of you. How are you? Are you well? Are you sore? Are you a little bit all over the place (2020, am I right?!)?

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, motivated, grateful, stifled, blue – tell me, I really do want to know! Your emotional health plays a huge role in not only how you may feel after your treatment, but what your treatment may actual be. Sometimes your body can handle a beating from us, sometimes it may need us to be a little more gentle. We can discipline those muscles, or maybe we need to beg and coax them. Sometimes, your body may respond to a sharp elbow, sometimes it may need broad work – and it often starts with your emotional well-being.

Our job is to help you feel amazing but if we don’t know how you truly are, what the picture of you looks like, we can’t truly fulfil our duty as your Myo. So when I ask “how are you, today?” I mean YOU. Because I care.