When should I see a Physio?

Before we start, let’s make sure you have a good understanding as to what a ‘physio’ is:

Physiotherapists offer a wide range of services, including manual therapy, exercise supervision and prescription, education and support, health assessments, injury prevention management and more.1

A common misconception is that physios only treat athletes, when in fact physios care for a much broader range of clients.

Today, we will be breaking down 5 reasons why you may consider booking a physio appointment right now that are not just specific to athletes!

1 Injury rehabilitation 

Physical injuries can be debilitating, annoying, stress inducing… you name it! During the recovery period, you may find yourself feeling lost and unable to do what you normally are able to do. When not in use, it is common for these muscles to become weak and short.2 With the aid of a physio however, they can safely provide guidance and exercise prescription for muscle strengthening and lengthening. This can help you get back on track or get EVEN stronger than where you were before your injury!

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2 Injury prevention 

Injuries can have a significant negative effect on not only our physical capabilities, but also on our personal life and well-being.3 Thus, preventing injuries should be a goal we are mindful of. 

The role of physio in injury prevention may consist of several steps, typically including a detailed consultation where they gain an understanding on your previous injury/ health status, perform specific physical assessments, goal setting and more. This collected information will then allow your physio to create an individualised program for you!

3 Exercise Supervision and Guidance 

Did you know you can see your physio if you want supervision or guidance whilst exercising! Performance Medicine offers physio guided pilates/conditioning classes for individuals recovering from injuries or people who want to be supervised whilst exercising! Not only will our physios correct your exercise technique but our group exercise classes can keep you motivated and accountable to reach your goals faster.

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4 Improve Posture 

Good postural awareness is important for a number of reasons, it can prevent muscular strain, overuse disorders, back and muscular pain, ensure your muscles are working efficiently and much more. Despite all of these benefits, poor postural habits is becoming an epidemic, with more people sitting at desks all day or looking down at their mobile phones, we are seeing an increased prevalence of body aches and pain, rounded shoulders, headaches etc.4

Seeing a physio can help improve your posture through a number of different treatments:

  • Prescribing stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Using assistive taping techniques
  • Targeting joint and soft tissue through physical therapy 
  • And more… 

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5 Chronic Disease Management 

Examples of common chronic diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to: lower back pain, diabetes, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy etc.5 A physio’s role in chronic disease management may involve safely optimising your level of physical activity, implementing pain relief strategies, providing guidance and advice etc. 

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Final Takeaway 

Whether you are an athlete or not, there are many reasons why you should go and visit a physio today!


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