Elite Junior Athlete Physiotherapy

Specialised care for the elite junior athlete

Elite junior athlete or child or adolescent excelling in sport? Involved in an elite sports program with a growing body? Needing an expert sports physiotherapist??

Elite junior athlete sports programs involve rapid and significant training and sporting demands – even at a junior level. Being part of an elite program or development squad involves dedicated training and complex, accelerated skill acquisition. 

Specialised care is important at all ages but in particular during childhood and adolescence when the body is still growing. It is imperative to manage injury, risk, and deal with aches and pains but also understand the complexity of how this fits in with growth, puberty etc.

Our team are skilled in sports injury in elite junior athletes and adolescents in sport and are best placed to assist with injury management and injury risk assessment. We are highly skilled in planning for increasing training demands and providing conditioning programs. We’ll ensure you will excel in elite sport while respecting the demands of growth, high training loads and early sport specialisation. We will go beyond injury management and aim to facilitate participation as a priority. 

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