Artistic Sport Physiotherapy

Artistic Sport Physiotherapy – We Get It! Are you an artistic or rhythmic gymnast? Are you a springboard, platform or high diver?

Obsessed with figure skating or do you ice or roller dance? Is synchronised swimming your thing? 

At performance medicine you’ll see an artistic sports physiotherapist that understands what you do to help you find your exceptional.

We love all things artistic and more importantly – we get you! 

Whatever your chosen artistic sport – Our artistic sport physiotherapy team knows that it takes a special skill set and definitive demands on your body to do what you love. We provide targeted and specialised team of physiotherapists that understand that the complex athletic demands of all things artistic. 

Our specialised physiotherapy team understand niche artistic sports and love helping artistic athletes be their healthiest best to achieve incredible goals.  Trust us with your rehabilitation and recovery – book to see one of our physiotherapists today. 

Team members who can help with this

Elise McMahon (she/her)


Maria Anagnostou (she/her)

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