SWOT VAC or Sore Back

Exam season is upon us, which means summer holidays are not far away! But when it’s time to hit the books, we often let our regular exercise routine wane in the month of November. Did you know that sitting puts the highest amount of load through your back and neck compared to any other position? Exam time usually is met with a lot of studying and sitting. Here are some tips to avoid those aches and pains that come form being in a chair for too long.

1. Take regular breaks

Research shows that after sitting for 45 minutes, the musculoskeletal starts to fail under load. This same research also showed that getting up out of your chair for 2 minutes every 45 minutes could reverse all of the effects of sitting! Set yourself an alarm to help you get out of your chair. Or come up with reasons to get up: use a cup instead of a bottle of water, so you need to get up to refill it, for example. Or simple change where you are studying throughout the day.

2. Sit better

Sitting in a good chair allows your body to last a lot longer than in a not so good chair. Make sure it has a high back, your back rest is reclined 10-15 degrees, your hips are slightly higher than your knees and your feet are firmly on the ground.

3. Move a little bit

Dynamic postures are always better than static postures – your body was designed to move so get moving! Simple things like shoulder rolls, neck movements or stretches, wiggling your feet, or bending and stretching your knees can help sitting feel more comfortable. So there you have it! Now you can make your exam period less of a pain in the neck…pun intended

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