Ten-DOs and DONTs

Are you troubled with tendon pain? 

Is your hamstring tendon a pain in the butt? Nagging Achilles or heel pain? 

Been given a diagnosis of Tendinopathy? Maybe you’ve been told you have Tendinosis? Tendonitis? Tendon tear? Tendons are what connect our muscles to our bones and when we load them in ways that are problematic they can become dysfunctional and cause pain and can be given any or all of the above labels or diagnosis. 

While all tendon pains present differently and absolutely require targeted individualised assessment and treatment – there are some top tips from the gurus in the tendon world that stand true for lower limb tendinopathy, tendinitis, tendinosis or tendon pain and dysfunction. 

Below are 9 things to NOT DO and ONE TOP TIP for tendon recovery*:  

  • DO NOT ignore tendon pain
  • DO NOT stretch your sore tendon
  • DO NOT “friction” massage over the tendon 
  • PASSIVE treatments in isolation DO NOT work
  • AVOID injectable interventions  – they DO NOT provide a “cure”
  • DO NOT Fear – Rupture is NOT a real risk for an already sore tendon 
  • DO NOT spend money on imaging – (thorough examination by a sports physio or sports doctor forms an accurate diagnosis and management) 
  • DO NOT completely REST – get professional guidance regarding appropriate activity
  • DO NOT rush Rehab!

TOP TIP: DO follow an individually prescribed, appropriate exercise rehabilitation plan. 

If you need help with a tendon recovery program or if you are unsure if you have tendon pain – one of our physiotherapists is able to  assess, diagnose and help you plan your recovery. To get your tendon recovery under way click here. 

Adapted from Reference: Cook JLTen treatments to avoid in patients with lower limb tendon pain British Journal of Sports Medicine 2018;52:882.

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