3 Tips for following your New Year Resolutions

Hi guys,
Have you noticed it’s March already?
I know, 2018 is going so fast and we can feel soft autumn sunlight during day…How is your new year resolution going?
If you are doing great, give yourself a high-five, it’s so awesome that you have followed though thus far!
Don’t beat yourself up if you have not. Life happens, time passes and you are not a bad person just because you didn’t do what you said you will do. Resolutions don’t have to be made on New Years. Heck, resolutions doesn’t have to be made, period.
However, it is so much easier to work towards your goal if you have a plan -which is essentially what resolutions are, right? You want to be a fitter this year, so you made ‘exercise every day’ as a resolution. You want to be less stressed, so you planned to ‘meditate 5 minutes a day’ etc.
As you can see in the title of this blog, I am providing you with 3 tips to help you to achieve what you strived to achieve 3 months ago. I’m assuming that since you are reading this Performance Medicine blog, you are interested in your health and ultimate performance somewhat, but even if your goal is not related to that, these 3 tips will assist you to re-organise your goals.
Successful resolutions require more than just wishful thinking. Unfortunately you cannot wish for a fit body and awake the next day with one. We all know that’s not a case. So, the next best thing is to make sure that you plan and schedule your classes in beforehand. Don’t pencil it in, pen it in, book it in, and if possible pay upfront. If your schedule is already created, and your brain is experiencing decision fatigued (yes, it’s a thing!), you can still complete your schedule automatically.
We have great group exercise classes running at the clinic every week! These classes are small groups allowing you to work on your goals with friendly and experienced health professionals. Learn more about our group classes by clicking here.
Have you had a moment, where you are thinking about doing one thing and ended up with starting other things? No, I am not talking about shopping (shopping is cardio, yes?). Life is filled with distractions.
I have taught my clients to have a big water bottle so you don’t have to go and get a glass of water every time you need a drink. Be ready, put in front of your eyes and make it accessible. Tie your theraband to your kitchen door for quick shoulder exercises while you are waiting for your cuppa.
Our physiotherapists can create tailored action plans for you. This leaves no guess work for you, all thats left to do is just follow the plan! Click here to book now!
Sometimes, ok, more often than we like, it’s so hard to keep your original intention. Especially when you’re having difficulty seeing the result you wish for. So keep the inspiration coming! Creating Pintrest boards for your goals, images or ideas is a fun evening activity, or follow hashtags that resinate with you. Since we can’t live without our mobile phone, let’s use as your inspirational place.
Follow Performance Medicine Facebook page & Instagram, we post much industry related inspiration. Check our Youtube channel for quick exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment!
This is not rocket science or a quick fix, but it’s doable for everyone! Please note, it’s not too late to start anything! Lots of studies prove that you can get achieve goals easier by telling others and having an accountability partner. Let us help you following your resolutions!
x Ai
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