Pillow Talk – 3 Questions you need to ask.

Pillow Talk – 3 Questions you need to ask


Are you the type of person that has 20 pillows at home, but just can’t seem to find the right one? Believe it or not this is a very common problem!

Finding a good pillow can be difficult, so it is important to set out on this task prepared with the necessary information to narrow down the search.


Ask yourself these 3 questions:

 1.What position do I sleep in?
This is a really important factor, as it will determine the height of the pillow that you require. The most optimal sleeping is position is one that is comfortable for you, where your head and neck can achieve maximal support.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you sleep on your back or your side, so long as you are well supported by your pillow.


Those who sleep on their back will generally require a thinner pillow. This is because the pillow is designed to fill the space between the mattress and your head. If the pillow is too thick, you will essentially be

sleeping with your chin on your chest. 


Side sleepers, benefit from a thicker pillow, as the space from the shoulder to your head and neck is relatively large (don’t forget to support your jaw!)

2. How firm is my mattress?
This is important, as it will determine the firmness of your pillow. The softer the pillow, the more you will sink into it. If the mattress underneath you is also soft, you may need a slightly firmer pillow to balance out the softness of the mattress so you can get the best head and neck support.

3. Do I need a contoured pillow?
Yes! No matter whether you sleep on your back or side, the resting curvature in the neck will always be there and it needs support. A contoured pillow helps to fill that extra space to keep the head in a neutral alignment. The size of the contour will vary from person to person and is dependent on the shape and size of your head and your posture.


So there you have it!

Buying a pillow isn’t that scary after all!

Remember that the life of a pillow is approximately 18 months to 3 years (depending on manufacturers advice), so make sure you change yours when it is due.

At Performance Medicine, we can assist you with fitting your pillow so that you can get the best night sleep J Pop in to see us and check out our amazing range so you can SLEEP TIGHT!

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