Run & Exercise Coach Add Ons

These are our “Add Ons” when you are working with our Run & Exercise Coach Brea.


Jump in and purchase what you need as advised by Brea.


30 min Telehealth Consult    Book

For those already working with Brea.  This is a useful session to check in, in detail, after your first three week program before you sign up for a further three week program.  Fee: $90


10 minute Check In       Book

Are you already working with us with either our Physiotherapy or Remedial Massage team? This is an opportunity to have professional advice about where to next for your independent exercise or running journey.  It allows you to connect with and meet Brea whilst receiving professional direction for your physical journey.  Fee: $30


Run & Exercise Coach Consult + Program Review- Telehealth  40 mins  Book

Ready to go to the next level?  Brea will review and update your program and then check in with you daily via our app for the next two weeks.  Receive 25% discount on your consultation and program.  This is amazing support to keep you on track.  Fee: $150  (save $50!)