What is Vocal Unloading®?

Vocal Unloading®, is physiotherapy treatment that acts as neuromuscular cycle breaker to enhance and improve the efficiency of the performance voice and the injured or pathological voice.

Vocal Unloading is performed by physiotherapists who have extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the larynx and voice.

Like any other part of the body, the larynx is made up of joints, cartilage, ligaments and muscles. The structures can be susceptible to injury or overuse, which can result in pain and dysfunction. Vocal Unloading, or physiotherapy for the voice, is the assessment, treatment and neuromuscular retraining of injuries to the anatomical structures that connect to and are related to the larynx.

Simplistically, our voice is produced by the “Power-Source-Filter” model, which is a complex coordination of vocal fold vibrations, breath, muscle tone and recruitment and posture. One component of Vocal Unloading involves retraining these components and their role in voice production. Treatment for each person is highly individualised, as each individual’s voice and vocal requirements are unique. Although it is a physiotherapy technique, your treatment experience will likely involve working as a team with a speech therapist, vocal coach and ENT specialist.

Your Vocal Unloading assessment and treatment may include the following areas:
– Posture (head, neck, lumbopelvic)
– Cervical spine (neck)
– TMJ (temperomandibular joint commonly known as the jaw)
– Scapula kinematics and control
– Breathing patterns and breathing management (deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle activity)
– Myofascial lines

Vocal Unloading is appropriate for those
– Professional voice users (e.g. teacher, lecturer, singer
– With a high vocal load
– Concerned with their voice
– Experiencing throat pain

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